Help me out..

Help me out..

I recently bought a HP DC7700 and it has a Q965 + e2180 2.0 in it,I want to overclock it to 2.50GHz and there is no option in the bios,Is there any way i can overclock it with a program in windows or Update bios..? PLZ HELP ME!

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I think you should consider a BIOS upgrade if it provides such option.

There is no option of overclocking,Is there any way i can update the BIOS and then overclock it?

Hello israfeal,
Checking if I understand correctly...
You have a system with a e2180 processor in it?

Code Name = Conroe, # Cores = 2,Brand=Intel Pentium Desktop Processor,Processor Number= E2180, Speed= 2GHz.
The only times I've overclocked a CPU is when I have an unlocked part.
If the part is unlocked, the BIOS will let you increase the frequency (at your own risk).
If your BIOS is up to date (see the HP web site) then, if the processor is unlocked, it should show options to change the frequency.
I'm guessing this is not an unlocked part. Usually only some of the 'extreme' processors are unlocked.
There are lots of websites that talk about overclocking but overclocking is way beyond my experience.
And overclocking may violate your warranty (again, you need to see the HP website).
Sorry to not be more helpful.

Yeah it has a e2180 processer,I didn't get you,What's unlocked part?? can you just help me wit updating the bios...?

By 'unlocked' part I mean a processor which permits the frequency mutiplier to be set in the BIOS.
We can't help you upgrade the BIOS. Each system manufacturer (such as, in your case, HP) probably has a their own process to update their BIOS. You need to check the HP website.
Good luck.

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