Performance measurement on Intel Processors

Performance measurement on Intel Processors

Hi experts,

I want to measure the performance of my codec(audio) on Intel platform(eg core i7). Is there any simulator for this?? Can any body suggest me a method to measure the performance.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Pratheek,

Sorry that I can't give an exact answer but it makes sense for you to look at a good article on Wikipedia:

Best regards,

Hello Pratheek,
I'm waiting onthecodec guy I know to come back from vacation.
In the meantime... I doubt there is a simulator but I'll check.
Which codec are you working with?
Forgive my ignorance of codec performance analysis but is it much different than normal performance?

Is good performance of a codec just:
1) Is the codec meeting quality targets
2) How much of the cpu is the codec using
3) how quickly the job finishes?

are you referring to audio quality grade (such as MOS grade) ?
This cancan be obtained by streaming you encoded audio file/stream through various software/hardware tools. I used to compare my codec quality to Intel's shared IPP codec quality.

If you're referring to time performance I can recommend vtune.

Another method I've used is trying to run as many concurrent encoders/decoders without damaging
the output file.


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