help for tuning application's startup

help for tuning application's startup

hi all, Now recently i find that my applicaton's "cold" startup(first run after installing) is very slow. But I cannot find the reason. Yesterday I download the VTune to tunning the application. But I don't know how to use it. In VTune tool ,it can tune hotspotsconcurrency and locks & waits ,but not find tunning for startup .so , help me and give me some suggestions for startup tunning .Thanks a lotjinjunsheng

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Hello jinjunsheng,
The VTune forum (Intel VTune Amplifier XE and VTune Performance Analyzer ) is a better place for help on VTune questions.
You'll get help there from VTune experts.
In general "tuning for startup" shouldn't be too different from normal tuning.
But startupmay be doing different work than your software normally does.
The challenge might be more trying to figure out why the system went idle during startup (locks, IO, network, system calls, etc).
Please try the VTune forum and see if they have suggestions.

Thanks a lot , Patrick Fay. Thanks for your suggestons.

Are you loading a DLL with your application?

Mightthis bethe virus scanner? What does the Task Manager show as active processes during startup? How heavily is the disk I/O?

There is possibility of AV interference with the normal startup.It is known that Kaspersky AV will hook or detour patch whole the process and thread and context switching API functions.So this can incure some perceivable lag.

I would advise to monitor your application startup with the Xperf tool.  

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