Do Older and Newer Intel Chipset Designed Motherboards Contain a Unique Serial Number

Do Older and Newer Intel Chipset Designed Motherboards Contain a Unique Serial Number


I was wondering if anyone might know whether the motherboard chipsets
(Northbridge/Southbridge) designed by Intel contain any unique serial numbers which would
clearly identify both chips as genuine and authentic ? I was merely
interested in finding out whether older desktop Intel motherboards
supporting Socket 478 CPU's models like ASUS P4B533, P48SX, P4P800-X contain Intel chipsets that have this
unique serial number embedded into them. I know Intel CPU's at one time
used to deploy such features but I am not sure whether the chipsets from
Intel do this also ? The question can apply to older and newer
motherboards that is fine.

This is just a question for the curiousity more then anything else.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Victor,
I have read the chipset manuals for years (I know... I need to get a life) and I have never seen any number that could be used to uniquely identify the chipsets.
Have a nice day,

Thanks again for the reply. I appreciate the information.

Since you have mentioned that you have reviewed chipset manauls for a long time maybe you might be able to help me understand the following.

you be able to tell me what factors controls the speed of the transfer
when data is being copied from a DVD drive to a HD ? You see I have a
DVD which contains a Ghost image made by a program called Norton Ghost.
When I perform a restore today the time it takes to complete the imaging
is over an hour and a half. However before when I used to do the same
restore on the same system with the same specs (i.e. hard disk and ram
and cpu and motherboard, cables, DVD drive) it used to take no more then
30 minutes or about. Could the Northbridge's bus to RAM or the
transfer speed from the Southbridge to the Northbridge has slowed down
for some reason. I believe that it has something to do with the bus that
connects the SB to the NB or the bus that connects the NB to the RAM. I
have not tweaked or changed anything in the BIOS on the exact same
motherboard and as mentioned the specs are identical from before to
today. No change in the hard disk or settings or no change in the DVD drive settings, no change in the cables and no change in the system specs whatsoever. Can the speed of the transfer rate of data of the hard drive or the DVD drive be controlled (i.e slowed down) ? In other words can either of these two devices slow their transfer speeds which could also explain the bizarre behaviour ?

Hope you might be able to shed some light on what I am experiencing.....

Thanks again


Hello Victor,
I have no idea how to debug this.
Usually the disk and memory transfer speed is much greater than the DVD read/write speed.
If the disk is getting low level formatted then it might take a while.
This is out of the domain of this forum. Try checking forums for Ghost image and see if there any similar situations there,
Good luck,

i have no idea

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Thanks Pat for the reply again.

I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of you. First could you let me know if the Northbridge and Southbridge chipset are unique to each board with the same model ? What about across different models do the chips differ in how they are designed or are they similiar ?

Lastly I just wanted to find out how easy is it for someone who is competent in working with Retooling equipment like soldering guns and hot air retools in trying to replace a faulty Southbridge or Northbridge chipset ?

Thanks a lot for the helpful replies.


Hello Victor,
The chipset chips are not unique. The chpset chips do have different steppings which might vary between boards. You can use tools like cpu-z to show the steppings.
I don't about the success rate of replaicing chipset chips.
If I were you, I'd talk to a PC repair shop and try to find someone who has done the replacement before.
Good luck,

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