AES-NI instructions statistics

AES-NI instructions statistics

Is there a way how to get information about total number of AES-NI instructions executed on a CPU (core), size of data processed with the intructions, etc. ?

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Hello Vlad3,
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. Intel does not have any 'count AES-NI instruction' counters.
One can infer the number of AES-NI instructions using VTune Amplifier XE .
If you measure instructions retired then you can estimate the number AES-NI instructions.
But you'll have to look through the dis-assemblyto find the AES-NI instructions.
Each instruction processes 16 bytes of data so, if you know the number of AES-NI instructions then you can estimate the total data processed.
Sorry to not have a simpler solution.

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