Is underclock harmful to the microprocessor?

Is underclock harmful to the microprocessor?

Hi Intel community:

That is the question: Is the underclock harmful or not recommendable for the microprocessor? I own an Intel Core i7 2630QM 2.0Ghz. I think that underclock is not bad for It, but I would like to know what other users and Intel support think about it. Im using an application called Throttlestop to control multiplier values.

Thank you.

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Hello alfa_one,
If the application is just underclocking (reducing the cpu-to-bus multiplier to below the reference multiplier)then this should be ok.
This is the same thing that the OS does to reduce power usage.
On linux at least, you can control the frequency with the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq files.
You may find yourself fighting with the OS as to 'who is in charge of the frequency'.
It looks like Throttlestop may also changes the voltage.
I don't know if there are invalid combos of voltage and frequency.

Overclocking (changing the frequency above the reference frequency) can damage a cpu of course.
I'm pretty sure the official policy on tools likeThrottlestop is that you may damage your cpu and you should let the OS handle changing the frequency.
Does this help?

Thank you Patrick, Your answer was useful. I had these doubt and I was not sure, reason why I was looking for your answer. Im just underlocking, but If I can do this with the power configuration of WIndows, I will use It instead of other no official applications.

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