utility similar to Perf stat in old linux kernals e.g. 2.6.18

utility similar to Perf stat in old linux kernals e.g. 2.6.18

IS there any utility or any method to gets the no. of instructions, cache misses on linux kernal 2.6.18.  Perf stat is not there on these kernals. I want the results similar to perf stat for Tomcat apllication. Does have not tested oprofiler, is it good for profiling java Application servers .

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Intel Performance Counter Monitor should work on older Linux kernels. It can monitor the number of instructions, cache misses for core/socket/system.

Hi Roman,
I have downloaded PCM but there is no manual for it. I am not able to use this package on linux. It will be help full if you provide some instructions to install and run the utility. I want to get the data for apache tomcat by giving its PID , as done in the case of perf utility.

Thanks in advance.

The "perfctr" kernel patch is available for 2.6.18 Linux kernels. I use it on both Intel and AMD systems to provide low-level performance counter access for higher-level tools like PAPI. The "perfctr" package comes with several examples. I don't see one that attaches to a running process, but there is a "perfex" example that launches jobs and collects counter values for that job and a "global" example that reads the counters on all cores.

"Dr. Bandwidth"


for PCM under Linux just type "make" in the main directory and run just build pcm.x utility to run in the background to your application and collect the processor metrics. PCM does not attach to process, it is a "processor resource"-centric tool.


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