Monitoring Different Uncore Events

Monitoring Different Uncore Events


I've been messing around with the PCM utility and am trying to read a few of the different DRAM metrics on a Jaketown system. I thought I could be really clever and just hack the JKT_Uncore_Pci::program method, and just fill in different DRAM event codes and umasks in MC_CH_PCI_PMON_CTL_EVENT and MC_CH_PCI_PMON_CTL_UMASK, respectively, but when I recompile, there's no change in the metrics I get out. (The test I did was just changing the Event and Umask codes so that counter zero and counter one were counting the same events to see if I get the same values out.) I must be doing something improperly or using the JKT_Uncore_Pci method wrong; anyone have any ideas as to what they might be?

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Nash Reilly

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Hi Nash,

which event/umask values did you try? What workload did you execute to generate non-zero event counts? Try also do "make clean; make" to rebuild everything from scratch after your changes.



Fixed my issue; I was initializing the jkt_uncore_pci class incorrectly (I'm fairly inexperienced at C++). I was able to change event and umask codes properly after that.

Thank you for your response and your continued work on this tool! It's proven a great resource for me.


I am glad that it worked for you.

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