Spread Spectrum Clocking for PCI Express

Spread Spectrum Clocking for PCI Express

Is it possible to disable the use of spread spectrum clocking for the PCI Express channels on the DX58SO2 motherboard? We've received a card from one of our partners that was developed for an embedded system with asynchronous clocking on PCI Express and they've asked us to see if we can use it with some of our desktop systems. I've not found any mention of this being supported in my review of the system documentation but I wanted to make one last effort to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks!

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IIRC on the deskotop motherboards there was an BIOS option to disable spread sectrum or to change the modulation.
I think that you must to consult the chipset specification.If BIOS do not contain such a option and if chipset or pci express controller has adequate(dedicated) MSR register you will need to write simple driver to disable spread spectrum.

Did you solve spread spectrum related problem?

Consulting X58 chipset specification should probably gave some answer.

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