After Upgrade of Composer 2013 to Update 4: VS2012 doesn't work

After Upgrade of Composer 2013 to Update 4: VS2012 doesn't work

I updated my Composer 2013 today to Update 4 (Windows 7 prof 64bit) and the TBB to recent version. Since that moment my Visual Studio 2013 doesn't work anymore. In existing and new projects (empty, console), I always get the error that the assembly Intel.Misc.Utilities in version  couldn't be found. I can't update project properties or something else.

Thanks for all help!


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Hello Michael,

Please submit this issue to a forum having to do with Composer 2013 or Visual Studio.


Can a moderator / admin move it? I couldn't find the appropriate one.

No. You will have to find the appropriate forum. This doesn't look like an Intel issue. It looks like a Composer 2013 or Visual Studio issue.

But why is a problem of the Intel Composer (within the Intel Parallel Studio), which occured after an update of the Intel Software no issue for Intel?

Sorry, I didn't know that Composer 2013 was from Intel. Here is a forum for TBB .

There seem to be lots of Intel compiler forums: see 


Ok thanks. If noboday can move this thread there, I will create a new one.


Please follow up in a new thread in Intel C++ compiler forum with description of the problem and solutions:

Main thread for the problem is:

Note: Unfortunately, several software developers reported the problem in 3 different forums and 3 different threads created.

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