Asynchronous DRAM refresh for xeon E5-2600

Asynchronous DRAM refresh for xeon E5-2600

Hi All,

To retrieve crash logs currently I'm using kexec based solution. However, I am more interested in Linux feature pramfs (

I want to put DRAM in self-refresh mode. If I'm not wrong, for this purpose I can use ADR feature. I could see "General Power Management Configuration" register 2 bit shows the DRAM self-refresh status in Read Only form. Meanwhile, I'm trying with "BIOS Implementation Test Suite" to check values set by my BIOS (not sure if it'll help me).

I'm not able to understand how to use ADR or where to look for more information on enabling DRAM self-refresh mode. Can anyone please guide me on, if any steps are available or direction towards proper datasheet section.

Please guide me to correct forum if this is not the correct one to ask this question.


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