Profiling With Intel VTune Amplifier

Profiling With Intel VTune Amplifier

Why sometimes the "CPU Time by Utilization" is annotated in the function name istead of the function's instructions?
Also, if I sum up the CPU Time of all instructions from the function the total does not match the value attributed in the function name.

What is the effect of the "Collet Stacks" in the Lightweight Hotspot analysis? When I collect with this option enabled the results
tell me that the caller is the hotspot but when I profile with it disable it tells me that the callee is the hotspot, which one is correct?

When should I use lightweight hotspot analysis instead of hotspot analysis.

I use ubuntu 12.04 on Intel i7-3630QM.

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Hello Divino,

Can you please post this to the Intel VTune forums? You will get quicker, more accurate responses.


I'll delete this posting shortly.



thanks Pat.

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