All-core Turbo on Xeon E5-v2 Processors

All-core Turbo on Xeon E5-v2 Processors

I was looking for some quick statistics on turbo mode on the new E5-v2 processors.  The turbo frequency listed on the ARK site only applies when one core is being turbo'd, right?  I would like to know what frequency all cores can safely turbo to at all times for the E5-2667v2 and E5-2643v2.  Does anyone have these numbers?

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Did I post this in the wrong forum?  Where can I get the additional information on how turbo frequencies scale as more cores are used?

Try on , go to "download links" and click on "download datasheet."

I was unable to find anything in the datasheet.

Lets wait for the response from Intel engineers.

You're probably correct that any turbo effect when multiple cores are in use is less than the quoted single core limit.  In my limited experience, I found nearly enough turbo boost on a 2.2Ghz CPU to match a 2.7Ghz CPU when all cores are in use. 

The "safety" aspect is handled by the combination of a hard limit which may depend on base clock speed and number of cores active, plus real-time thermal feedback.  Due to the thermal limiting, there will be sample to sample variations and possible dependence on the cooling system.  It's probably not surprising that you can't get quotations when some of the factors are external to the CPU.

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