Hi guys,

I have been using RAPL for a while. However, I did not figure out how to disable RAPL accessing PMU in order to use PCM. Could anyone give me some idea on that? Thanks!

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do you want to use just RAPL and no PMU in PCM? 


Hi Roman,

First, thank you for fast reply.

I want to use RAPL(used to control power) and PCM(used to monitor some hardware info) seperately. That is I need to turn on and off the RAPL from time to time. To disable RAPL(the power capping function), I don''t know if it is equivalent to set a high power cap that the system could never reach. I also tried the enable bit introduced in MSR, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to disable the capping.



Intel PCM does not use power capping/controlling functions. It only reads energy consumption information from RAPL registers (just monitors them). 

Did you try Intel Power Governor to setup power capping?


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