Rank Margin Tool

Rank Margin Tool

Does anyone know what the Rank Margin Tool is?

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Is that tool related to DRAM?

Apparently so. Dont know what it is though.

Try this article(actually a patent)


What is  DQ UI (ps)?

Rank Margin Table Equations

RX Timing Margin (each step = 1/64 * DQ UI (ps))

RX timing setup = RxDqLeft

RX timing hold = RxDqRight

TX Timing Margin (each step = 1/64 * DQ UI (ps))



Hi everyone,

I'm getting Mixed Memory Speed warning after getting the Margin Tool to analyze the data.

Where do I go from here?

Do I check with the bios settings?

all four DIMMs are the same model and same vendor.
I'm looking for answer why I'm getting mixed speed.

Can someone help?


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