PCU event FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES not changing

PCU event FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES not changing

        Hi all
        Trying to determine how many cycles are spent on the transition from turbo boost frequency to nominal frequency (event FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/design-guide... page 85).
        In turbostat I can see that the frequency is changing, but then I read the value of FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES does not change when frequeny change.
        Is this normal?
        How I can determine the overhead for changing the frequency?

CPU - 2680. Set and read FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES event through msr-tool.

Thank for you time

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when looking at the number of responses, then one of two
   or my English is absolutely bad
   or it is common knowledge and it is offtopic

Hello Black,

Have you tried an event like TOTAL_TRANSITION_CYCLES (on page 86) and gotten non-zero results?

Programming these counters is not trivial.


As Pat hinted you can try to read TOTAL_TRANSITION_CYCLES.

Usually it will be very hard to answer why some counter is not performing as expected. I suppose that exact implementation of specific counter is done probably by micro-code. Very simplistic implementation could count for example the number of retired uop(s) and increment  its counter.

Hi all

Sorry for the long answer (rechecked all) and a lot of letters (trying to explain that all was clear)

I tried TOTAL_TRANSITION_CYCLES. It is always 0. However I have all CPU cores always able to C0 (confirmed by reading events POWER_STATE_OCC - 0x80 <Count cores in C0>. It is always = 8). So it seems logical that reading TOTAL_TRANSITION_CYCLES always get 0.
         Except reading via msr-tool I also try profile value of FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES via Intel Performance Counter Monitor utility - Intel PCM 2.6 (https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/488468). Is always 0.
        I Try to profiling HPL benchmark.

Description of PCU read may be usefull. Bash is some slow for linpack in P0 and it would look bitter in C but currently i have not time for C coding

Setup FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES (Event Code: 0x00 Extra Select Bit: Y):

                                en      bit     reserv  edge_det reset  reserv  occ_sel reserv  ev_sel
                                22      21      20:19   18       17     16      15:14   13:8    7:0
0000000000000000000000000       1       1       00      0        1      0       01      000000  00000000

                                en      bit     reserv  edge_det reset  reserv  occ_sel reserv  ev_sel
                                22      21      20:19   18       17     16      15:14   13:8    7:0
0000000000000000000000000       1       1       00      0        1      0       01      000000  00001011

res="0000000000000000000000000       1       1       00      0        1      0       01      000000  00000000"
echo "obase=16; ibase=2; $res"|sed "s/  *//g" | bc

bash script
        # setup
        ./wrmsr -p $cpu $CTR0 0x424000  #       CTR0    CLOCKTICKS
        ./wrmsr -p $cpu $CTR1 0x624000  #       CTR1    TOTAL_TRANSITION_CYCLES

        # read with 1 sec interval
        for ((;;)) {
                # frize core box
                MSR=$PCU_MSR_PMON_BOX_CTL; ./wrmsr -p $cpu 0x$MSR 0x$frz;

                MSR=0C36; interval=47:0; CTR0=`./rdmsr -p $cpu 0x$MSR --c-language --bitfield $interval -u`;
                MSR=0C37; interval=47:0; CTR1=`./rdmsr -p $cpu 0x$MSR --c-language --bitfield $interval -u`;

                FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES=`echo "scale=2; $CTR1 / $CTR0"|sed "s/U//g"|sed "s/0x//g"| bc`

                # reset core box
                MSR=$PCU_MSR_PMON_BOX_CTL; ./wrmsr -p $cpu 0x$MSR 0x$rst;

                sleep 1;




Maybe higher priviledged OSPM process's thread is accessing/modifying those registers when your bash script code is sleeping.You cannot exclude such a possibility.

could you share the ./pcm-power.x 1 -p 5 output here?


hi all

Thanks for reply


iliyapolak - I also have 0 than get pcm.
Roman Dementiev - Server in my work. I try to get pcm.out tomorrow

>>>I also have 0 than get pcm.>>>

Did you mean that pcm tool also returned 0?

Sorry, an error somewhere in my code.

I rechecked all and recheck pcm-power.x 1 -p 5.

pcm-power.x get non zerro value.

I have error like at https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/517903. If command too long it was necessary to use quotes like " "

mea culpa




Hi Black. S,

no problem. I am glad you have located the issue and pcm-power.x works for you.

Best regards,


So the 0 value was related to wrong syntax?

1) In bash I have mistake in this

FREQ_TRANS_CYCLES=`echo "scale=2; $CTR1 / $CTR0"|sed "s/U//g"|sed "s/0x//g"| bc`

Correctly is "scale=6". Pеrcent is so tiny.

2) In pcm I write command like pcm-power.x -p 5 `linpack input.dat`

Correctly is pcm-power.x -p 5 "linpack input.dat"

Elementary error, but did not guess

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