feasibility of an application on atom processor

feasibility of an application on atom processor


     My project is fog removal from video.Right now I'm using Intel atom processor.But I want to know whether it is feasible to get 30 frames per sec on atom processor or is it necessary to go for dual core or i3 or i5 processors .Could you please tell me how machine cycles vary among these processors.

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It is not so easy to answer this question as there are many Atom and Core processors. Also, a lot depends on what your code is doing. I therefore recommend that you look at the benchmark results for the processors under considerations. If your code is floating-point intensive, SPECfp might be a good indicator.

also you might be able to utilize graphics hw which may variy significantly dependend on the SoC you use


       Thank you for the reply.Is there any simulation platform where i can check the performance on various Atom and core processors?

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