Updating Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Drive

Updating Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Drive

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There've been some overheating problems recently on my new ASUS notebook (X555LD series on Windows 8.1 64-bit) and ASUS Tech support have advised me to update my BIOS to the latest version.


I did so, but also I investigated their support page with lots of downloads http://www.asus.com/ru/Notebooks/X555LD/HelpDesk_download/

and found there was an update for Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Driver (V7.1.0.2105 from 2013/12/26)


On the other hand, there is a newer update of Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Driver, which I have found on Dells' support website


- Version 8.0.10002.14, A00, 29 Jul 2015


I have also downloaded and installed Intel Driver Update Utility from Intel website, and it couldn't find any new updates to install


Is it advisable that I download and apply a new update from Dell's site? 

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No answer yet?

You'd better have posted smth more sensible related to my question that remains


this forum is for software developers who want to optimize their programs. You might not get an answer here. You might have more luck in the processor or graphics forum, but if this is a problem that is specific to your laptop model, it is probably best to work with Asus support or their support forums.

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So it takes for Intel 3 months to decide where to move the thread. And what was the point of asking me about whether I'd got the answer if there was noone to answer anyway?

I'm sorry when you did not find my reply useful.

To me it sounds like the user "P J" is interested in the same question. However, people reading and writing in this forum are very unlikely to know the answer.

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