Performance Monitoring for E3-1268L V5

Performance Monitoring for E3-1268L V5

Can someone please point me to the reference that is needed to monitor the performance of the E3-1268L V5 processor. I have found the following references but I am not sure which one applies (if either):

- Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family Uncore Programming Guide

- Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Memory Family Uncore Performance Monitoring


If there are code snippets to monitor ECC memory performance that would also be appreciated. I am using a non-Windows OS.


Thanks for the help in advance,


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The Xeon E3 processors use the same uncore as the Core i7 processors of the same generation. 

  • There is a fair chance that the memory controller performance monitor interfaces described in still work, but I have not checked this.
  • The other place that uncore performance counter information shows up is in the configuration files for the Amplifier XE (VTune) product.  The file "skylakeunc_imc_db.txt" appears to use the same offsets that are used in the link above.

Note that these counters are 32 bits wide, and that they aggregate over the two DRAM channels, so they wrap quite quickly.  I have not had my second cup of coffee yet, but my calculator suggests that 2 channels of DDR4-2133 should be able to increment pow(2,32) bits in about 8 seconds, so a sampling period of under 8 seconds is required to unambiguously detect and correct for wrap-around.

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