Intel PCM API in C

Intel PCM API in C


I want to ask something simple yet important for me. Is there a C-language API to use instead of the C++ API that is provided for PCM?

If not (which probably is the case), is there any way to make the C++ API provided work inside a C source file?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Re-write the existed code in C++ and use the API provided is not a realistic option.

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Hi Giannis,

you can look into

It provides an example that exports some of the APIs to C. Hopefully you can extend it with the calls you need.



Tried to compile and run the source code (into that you suggested but I keep getting either a seg fault if I run without any arguments provided (run ./c_example.x) or the following error if any argument is provided:

Event 'something' is not supported. See the list of supported events

I probably cannot understand the switch statement block of code so an example would be very beneficial

Thanks again,


Hi Giannis,

Thanks for trying. The argument syntax for c_example.x is the same as pcm-core.x. You can use ./ to get some example for encoding CPU counter events. It's the same syntax as Linux perf.

For example: ./c_example.x cpu/umask=0x01,event=0x48,name=L1D_PEND_MISS.PENDING/

We will update documentation soon. Thanks for your feedback.


Hi again guys,

your answers so far have been proved to be very helpful, so here I am to receive some more guidelines.

Straight to the point, I've extended the example in pcm/ directory in order to support cache function calls (L2/L3 hits, misses and ratios).

I've also made the necessary adjustments in pcm/pcm-core.cpp to support that functionality.

The problem is that the result is always 0 cache hits and misses.

Any thoughts on that? What could be wrong?

P.S. I hadn't been able to run pcm/pcm-memory.x (Access to Processor Counter Monitor has denied (no MSR or PCI CFG space access)), even though pcm/pcm.x and pcm/pcm-core.x run without any error. 

Thanks in advance

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