SPDK NVMe fio benchmark

SPDK NVMe fio benchmark

I hope this is the right forum for SPDK.  

I'm downloading the SPDK and was able to run the example perf program.  I would like to, however, run fio benchmark with the SPDK NVMe driver in order to compare that with the Linux inbox NVMe driver.  

The article 
indicates that you have run the fio benchmark using the libaio engine. 

Is that fio testing against the SPDK NVMe driver?  Did you implement some sort of plugin engine for fio to use your NVMe APIs?  If so, can you share that  fio engine so others can do independent benchmark also?  


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Apologies for the slow reply. If you still have the question, reply here and I'll forward it to someone who should be able to help. 

For other questions, please visit https://01.org/spdk, where there is a mailing list: https://lists.01.org/mailman/listinfo/spdk



Thank you Debra for the pointer to 01.org/spdk.

An implementation of an fio plugin engine for benchmarking the SPDK is provided by Micron at https://github.com/MicronSSD/unvme under the ioengine directory.

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