Question on obfuscationing with iprot

Question on obfuscationing with iprot


what I'm looking forward to do is to protect my product applications or dlls.

I decided to use Intel's tamper protection tools to do that and I've found "iprot" tool.


A specific option in "iprot" tool called "--cell-size" seems to do so.

I've tried

$ iprot mydll.dll -c 256

but it failed having error: "missing entrypoint operand"

so I tried

$ iprot mydll.dll -c 256 somefunction_in_mydll

which seems working.


Here is my question.

Does iprot tool have full obfuscation for the whole dll file?

For example, mydll.dll has several functions inside but -o option obfuscations only one function.

I wish it obfuscates the whole functions in the dll

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There is no option in iprot to obfuscate all entry points to a dll automatically, however you may specify any number of entry points to be obfuscated.

The syntax for this is:

$ iprot mydll.dll function_1 function_2 function_3

Iprot obfuscates each entry-point (exported functions) in a dll separately and combines all obfuscated “blobs” into a callable dll as output. Each entry-point is obfuscated separately, but all parts of the implementation of the entry-point including other functions called directly (as opposed to through a function pointer) are obfuscated.

The --cell-size option is a separate independent option, that allows you as the user to define the size of blocks that are used for encryption (the smaller the cell the less data is in the clear at a time, but also the more overhead to run the code). Iprot has pre-selected default cell sizes which you are free to override.


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