Amplifier only showing time a function toke in total

Amplifier only showing time a function toke in total


I'm currently using Amplifier 2011 to search for hotspots in my application (Win7 64bit running Visual Studio 2008)
I'm having the problem that only the time a function toke is displayed and not how long each line of that function. it's probably best if you look at this screenshot to see what I'm talking about.

What can I do about this ?
any suggestion ?


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Your picture doens't show the entire function. I assume that even if you scroll to the bottom of the function you are seeing no time spent in that fucntion.

Assuming that is true, it will be easiest If I can get a copy of this information to figure it out.

Can you send me the results directory, the binary, source,and symbols files which contain this function.

Eric M

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Regarding your comment "not how long each line of that function". the Hotspot functionality does NOT record how long each line of code takes to execute - this would cause prohibitive overhead and slow the code to a crawl. Instead, it captures periodic samples of where the code is executing.

Regards, MrAnderson
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I'm wondering if there is a problem with the debug information for the module that contains that function. Is this a module that you build, or is it a third-party library? What is your build environment? Can you check and make sure that "full" debug info is being generated by both the compiler and linker?

Regards, MrAnderson

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