Doesn't Parallel Composer support /Qpar-threshold option? [XL#Akio]

Doesn't Parallel Composer support /Qpar-threshold option? [XL#Akio]

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I am testing Composer Update3 and the option "/Qpar-threshold" is regarded as invalid.

On my understanding this option is very important for /Qparallel option because the default setting of "/Qpar-threshold:100" is so strict that most of the parallelizable code can not be parallelized due to lack of efficiency.

I hope it will be supported.



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Hi Akio,

Qpar-threshold is considered a 'optimization tweaking' option which isn't considered something a mainstream user would use and hence you see that message. Of course, /Qpar-threshold is available with 11.1 Pro. Hopethat helps.

-regards, Kittur
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One other comment: Qparallel is an easy thing to try but that the results are not as good as using OpenMP, and therefore use of the language extensions (which map onto OpenMP) rather than automatic parallelism usage is recommended



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Hello Kittur, I understood the concept on Composer. Thanks for your reply. Akio

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