Will upgrading Intel Fortran Composer version 12 .0 to update 10 affect my current MPI install

Will upgrading Intel Fortran Composer version 12 .0 to update 10 affect my current MPI install

I am not sure whether to upgrade to latest version of Fortran Compioser product with MKL and additonally MPI license, or whether to just move to update 5 , 12.0.3, which resolves compiler optimization bug one of my user's has. Anyone know whether I will need to update MPI install as well if I move to 12.1.3 ? Thanks for your help.

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Since you don't say which MPI you are talking about, and you're vague about which ifort version you are upgrading from, I can answer only in generalities. If your MPI was built so as to pick up ifort via environment variables which aren't specific to where your version is installed, one would expect it to continue working, at least if the MPI was built with ifort 11.1 or later, as there is testing for compatibility between 12.1 and objects built with 11.1. It seems unlikely that you would see a difference in compatibility between your MPI and ifort 12.0 or 12.1; your decision on upgrading MPI might be based more on whether you want its updates.

Thank you for your response. Here is more detail on waht I have installed currently,

ifort -v : 12.0.0 Fortran Composer XE for Linux x64

MKL : ? (assuming at same level as my Fortran Composer license)

mpiifort -v : MPI Library Library 4.0 Update 3 version 12.0.0

This is confusing because there are no newer updates that I can see for the mpi libraries, but I have a shoice of moving to version 12.0.3 ( update 5) or all the way to 12.1.3 (update 10) as far as I can tell. I can only assume that this version of MPI will work with all the versions above what I am currently at on the Intel Fortran Composer sw because of the last update for MPI was 15 Sep 2011, whereas the newest for the other 2 products are from April 2012. I am concerned I will break my MPI install by upgrading to the Update 10 of the compiler and MKL products. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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