Need better CVF traceback

Need better CVF traceback

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Is there a website that describes how to control getting a detailed traceback for Visual Fortran runtime crashes?

I am getting a runtime crash with a cryptic statement that the process ran outside some array. And memory addresses. A colleague says there is a way to get a debug executable set up to provide details about which line of code was being run when the crash occurred, in what subroutine, etc. But he can't remember how he's done this in the past. We looked around the help, and maybe it's there, but we can't find it.

Incidentally, the process runs when compiled in Release mode, and outputs seem reasonable. And very close to what I get on a unix machine using F77. But I'm always leery, want to know what CVF compiler is worried about. This could be the tip of an iceberg.

Bill Anderson

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See the "Handling Run-Time Errors" section of the Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide, part of the on-disk documentation. It has a section on traceback.

The default when building in a Debug configuration in Developer Studio is to have array bounds errors detected and to stop automatically in the debugger when the error occurs. (You'd want to start execution with the F5 key (or "Go" button).

The default in release configuration is not to check for array bounds errors.



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