Havok engine on Android

Havok engine on Android

I am a Computer Science Engineering student, and do keep interest in learning the gmae devlopment field. I am looking forward to use the Havok engine in my Android game project. Is this possible?
I have been hesitating about downloading the SDK that with the concern that wheather it will or will not support my Android applications.
I have come across that only Xperia Play provides the support for Havok on the Android 2.3. Does Havok provide support for the latest Android 4.0.
As I usually use Java for Android programming, should I have to use the NDK (use C or C++) to use Havok in the Android environment.
Basically I would like to know how can I use the Havok engine in my Android Applications.Or if I have to use them specifically in the Xperia Play, how can I do so?

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Hello shadab.khatib,

Havok does support Android 4.0 however our free (PC XS) solution for Students & Education only supports Win32 (ie.: http://www.havok.com/solutions/students-and-education).

Do not hesitate to let me know should you have more questions,
David Grosman.

David G. Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

Thanks for your reply.

Correct me if I am wrong,you state that the Havok supports the Win32 only (by which you mean Windows 32bit platform), or will it support the 64bit OS also. Because I have come across few software that are labelled 32bit sometimes do not support 64-bit OS. So could you make clear that, will it support 64-bit or not.
Does Havok SDK have any strict hardware specifications, because I do not have any extra add-in graphics card, as I try to run only on the onboard graphics.

Hey shadab.khatib,

The Havok source code that comes with the free (PC XS) solution for Students & Education does also support 64-bit OS. We called it Win32 because it uses the Win32 API () and the Windows 64-bit OS is compatible with it . Secondly, the Havok SDK does not have any strict hardware requirements: it will depend on what you are planning to do with it. For example, some of our demos are only command-line applications while other display more fancy graphics that will need a dedicated graphics card to run.


David G. Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

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