which mkl subroutine is for transcendental equation

which mkl subroutine is for transcendental equation

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I have a question about mkl usage. I am solving a Hermitian matrix, 
and when the boundary condition is used a transcendental equation comes out.
I want to call a subroutine in mkl to solve this problem, but I have not find any one
related to transcendental equation. Can some one tell me which subtoutine in mkl is for transcendental equation?

Thanks a lot!
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Can you list the equation you want to solve here? That may help the users to see if they have any suggestion.

For the transcendental functions, the MKL VML domain provides the transcendental computation for the vectors. If the code can write with some vector computation format, such functions can be used to improve the code performance.


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Hi Chao Thanks a lot for your help. I add my equatine to attached file, Please check. Best wishes Sun Yan


Download transcendental_equation.pdf85.46 KB
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Dose some one kown the mkl subroutine for ''Finding the zeros of a univariate complex function using
Mllers method" just as "ZANLY" subroutine inIMSL, which can be used for sovling transcendental equations. Thanks a lot

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