Linking error when trying to get a quaturnion

Linking error when trying to get a quaturnion

I get the following linker error when trying to use quaturinionsError 1 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "struct hkQuadReal const * const g_vectorConstants" (?g_vectorConstants@@3QBUhkQuadReal@@B) Cube.objThis code is what causes the linker error. Also i do not have a Cube.obj file in my project at all.hkQuaternion quat = m_rigid_body->getRotation();if(quat.hasValidAxis()){ hkVector4 axisAngle; quat.getAxis(axisAngle); float angle = quat.getAngle(); rotMat->BuildRotationAboutAxis(CVector3(axisAngle.getComponent(0),axisAngle.getComponent(1),axisAngle.getComponent(2)), angle);}I have tried the other solution about the SIMD define in the recent thread from April.I am using 2011_3_1_r1

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Hey kracken,

Are you referring to this thread?

I've managed to reproduce your linker
error with the code snippet you provided, and found that enabling SIMD as
described in that thread resolves the issue.


Nick S. Developer Support Engineer Havok

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