the most basic thing

the most basic thing


ive spent three days trying set up a basic rendering window

i dont want to use the demo framework because i want to keep the code as clean and direct as possible and actually start writing something on my own using havok

ive also looked through the demo and try and figure out where the actual magic is happening but was unable to figure it out

the few tutorials that i found use the demo as well and others only discuss tools and what not

im using vs2k10 with the visualizer/physics sdk

so if someone can maybe post a short snippet or something i would be very happy

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okay i know what to do
i'm taking the whole demos thing and stripping it from everything that is not required
and use that as a base

it will be alot of work but worth it i guess

Hey Supwiththat,

If you are just trying to learn how to
use the SDK, then using the demo framework is a perfect place to get started as
you can figure out how things work without having to worrying about low level
rendering code. Recompiling the demos will require downloading some additional
libraries however.

I do want to make it clear though, the
visualization code from the demo framework isn't appropriate to build a game
with. The visualization code is sufficient for testing and demoing, but not for
building a game from.

A very popular rendering engine used by
many people on the forums is OGRE. The documentation for OGRE is good, and
provides a nice abstraction to both Direct3D and OpenGL. There are also
numerous posts on these forums answering questions with Havok-OGRE integration.
For more information on OGRE head to

If you are feeling particularly
adventurous you could always try to use Direct3D or OpenGL directly, though
learning either is non-trivial.

May I ask what kind of project you are
working on? There are many different ways to set up a rendering window, which
one will work best for you depends on what you are trying to do and how willing
you are to get your hands dirty.


Nick S.
Developer Support Engineer

hi, thank you for your reply

i have worked with Ogre in the past and while it's easy to work with once you get the hang of it
it just seemed unprofessional to work with (same goes for irrlicht)

i've also worked with d3d and ogl both directly in different programming languages
but it find it too time consuming to literally build everything from scratch which is
why i was looking for, either a good evaluation SDK or even spend some money on the actual commercial thing

however it appears to be hard to be taken seriously
the funny thing is i am a registered company so that couldnt be the reason for the guys from the unreal engine to stop answering my emails after an information query

right now i've basically started a new project and spent so many hours to get something to work to find out that, in this case now for example, the resulting meshes don't "clamp"
for some reason they just don't get placed against eachother

the project i'm working on is just a hobby project at this time
however if time allows it some day i would like to work it out into a free game for people to enjoy
as friends of mine have worked out awesome concept art and the whole story and stuff for a game
but for that to happen i first need to find an engine WITH the proper documentation ( which the free SDK simply lacks :( ) and with proper practical examples

you see, the thing is not the know-how of lets say windows API to CreateWindow(), you know, but the know-how of how the SDK is structured and where to find everything to work with in the first place
but even now when i found random snippets that appeared useful, well, they are that, appearing useful but not practically usable as far as i can tell =/

maybe i need to read the whole source through some more, i don't know
it's a shame there are so little tutorials and documentation on havoks engine directly without the use of ogre etc which seems like an odd thing to do

say, would you be ever as helpful ( you seem like the friendly pro tech guru on this forum ) and perhaps fill me in on pricing maybe ? through PM or email ?

i honestly don't mind spending the money because it would mean that i can finally start doing what i've been trying to for the past 8 years
the thing with evalulations and say Ogre or others is that i seriously loose motivation because after in the end, "its not quite it"
and when i know i got a base to go with that's rock solid and (even if only almost) commercially worthy
i can dedicate myself to stick with it

it may not be common for a "random person" to ask this but i'm 100% certain we can work something financially in some type of construction

after checking the havok website again i think i understand now
i've already wondered why i couldnt find say "game engine" under products but animation etc. :p
now i need to rethink for a bit lol

ok i am trying to figure out the exact solution.i will explain it as soon as i sort that out

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