Meet trouble when downloading FPGA resource

Meet trouble when downloading FPGA resource

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When downloading FPGA resources from, I need to sign NDA before proceed.
However, I can't find China from the country field of the requested form.
Besides, some of the items says "Intel Cup Competitors Only", how can I prove myself?

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Now You can find "CN (China)" in the country field. To prove youself as ESDC contestant, you just need to register with your real information and accept the online NDA document.

and how we can download the other training resources from 4 to 7?Best Regards,

Any ideas of how?Best Regards,

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Hi, after you fill in the online form on (you need to fill in the form for downloading training material item 3), Terasic will verify your identification. Once your identification is confirmed, Terasic will send you the link to download the advanced training materials.Please expectto receive the training materialwithin 1-2 weeks from now on. Thanks!

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