Managing BIOS Settings for Multiple Systems (DQ67SW)

Managing BIOS Settings for Multiple Systems (DQ67SW)

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One of my first managability tasks with the DQ67SW systems is trying to figure out how to change a number of BIOS configuration settings remotely via a program or script. For right now, I need to change the Chipset SATA mode to AHCI and set the Supervisor Password. There may also be a need to change the Supervisor Password periodically. What would the best methods be to accomplish this? Thanks!

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Some OEM Vendors provide ways of changing BIOS settings via Scripts using IPMI. In order to do this via Active Management Technology you would do a SOL session and do one system at at time. There is no way to run a script, except using just AMT. Perhaps some of our community members have ventured into this space and can provide more information on this topic?

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