New Havok Instructional Videos

New Havok Instructional Videos

Greetings everyone,

I've recently come across some rather helpful videos regarding Havok Physics which I wanted to pass along to the community. These are great instructional videos for beginners/advanced users alike and are based on the free SDK you all have. Please take a look!

Havok Instructional Videos

Jason G.

Jason Gorski Developer Support Engineer Havok™ 2008 Emmy Award Winner \"Turning Creative Aspirations into Technical Realities™\"
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Havok Instructional Videos 落户YouKu,并推出了中英双语字幕版。


Joe Developer Support Engineer Havok


Havok Instructional Video 落户 Youku,并内嵌中英双语字幕。

我们会陆续推出更多有关Havok Game Engine 不同产品的相关视频,以帮助你的学习和使用,敬请关注我们的空间。


Joe Developer Support Engineer Havok

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