ToolStandAlone.exe crashes on start

ToolStandAlone.exe crashes on start

Sorry for a totalnewbie question here.

I have installed HavokPcXsContentTools_X64_2011-2-0_20110916.exe. But when I start ToolStandAlone, it immediately crashes.

Right after the very first start there was a message that I had to install aspecial version 4.0 of the .NET framework. So I installed thecurrent 4.0 version from MS, and since then it crashes.

Do I need this special :NET version, and where can I get it. Or what else could be the problem?

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That's strange--below is what the docs say are the prerequisites. Can you verify that you have all these installed?

In order for the Content Tools to run the following prerequisites need to be
present on the end-user's machine:

Thanks so much, havokjoel. I installed all of your links, and now it works perfect. I even installes the Visual C++ Update, although I don't have this. I'm not a developer, just want do do some animations for Skyrim

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