confusion/trouble on physics run

confusion/trouble on physics run

hi again,I have a little problem.. I have created a geometry (*.hkx) with 3ds max 10 and HCT, when i load it, is sucess, after this I want to visualize it with a custom hkGeometry converter to DX9 in my project, is sucess too, but when i initialize the aplication this load all and convert it succes, in the moment that DX9 shows my geometry is something crazy, the vertices are inverse or something as this, in other words a picture is worth a thousand words. this is the Render geometry how you can see the Arm its placed on left side of character, when it shoult be on right side, the strangest thing is that the objects collide with the current position of the arm(left Side of character), and the VDB is the same as the 3ds Max.(the Arm its placed on Right side of geometry/character), the objects collide with character (and it arm) without any trouble I Will be Grateful if some one can help me..

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Hi Michael,

It seems like this is a problem with the render geometry or conversion from hkGeometry to DX, rather than with Havok physics.

I wonder if it's anything to do with coordinate systems?
As far as I know, DirectX uses a left-handed coordinate system while 3dsMax is right-handed.
Effectively this means it will be reflected through one axis.


hi cormac,thanks for reply...I would know if there is any way to correct the problem...thanks....

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Try flipping the y-axis when you're creating the render geometry.

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