Havok Content Tools for Maya 2012

Havok Content Tools for Maya 2012

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I was just wondering when we could expect an updated verision of the Havok Content Tools that will be compatible Maya 2012.

- Chris

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Hello. Havok 2011.1 is available at http://www.havok.com/index.php?page=try-havok, and should be compatible with Maya 2012 (and Max 2012). Please post if that doesn't work for you.

Cheers, Carlos Developer Support Engineer, Havok "The documentation will set you free."
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I'm usingAutodesk_Softimage_2012_SP1_English_Japanese_Win_64bit,Maya_2012_EJ_Win_64-bit, andHavokPcXsContentTools_X64_2011-1-0_20110723.

The Havok 2011.1 Content Toolsx64 version installed for Maya 2012 for me. It found the plugin directory automatically. However, there were some difficulties. First of all, it did not set the plugin to Loaded or Auto load. This is necessary to have it show up in the menu, etc. To achieve the proper settings, I went to Windows > Settings/Preferences / Plugin Manager. There I needed to scroll down to a different section for C:/Program Files/Havok/HavokMayaModules/2012/plug-ins. I checked the boxes for Loaded and Auto load.

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