Havok for Opensimulator

Havok for Opensimulator

Opensimulator is essentially the opensource version of Second Life and we'll be using it as the platform for a 20 school programme in Ireland starting in September, supported by the National Centre for Technology in Education. We're a not for profit organization and as I understand it we can make use of the engine free of charge?On the 'Try Havok' page I'm not clear which files we need to download or where the documentation is. Can you give me some pointers please?Thanks,-James Corbett.

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Hello, thanks for your interest.

Yes, Havok XS is free on PC for non-commercial educational and academic uses, and includes our Physics and Animation products.
You can distribute your application as an end product with Havok compiled in.
If you want to distribute source code that interfaces with Havok that's fine too, as long as you're not redistributing the Havok libraries (someone wanting to use your source code with Havok would then have to download the Havok libraries from the tryhavok site and build the code themselves).

So after you've filled in your contact details and the survey information on the try Havok site and chosen 'Accept' on the license page you're given a list of options for download.

The first half of the list, Havok Content Tools for Game Artists and Designers, lets you download an executable installer. When run, this installer will give a list of options to install plugins for the modellers 3D Studio Max, Maya and XSI.
If you have one of these modellers, the content plugins allow you to set up physics scenes within the modeller and export directly to Havok file formats to load into your game.

The second half of the list, Havok Physics and Havok Animation SDKs for Programmers, contains the Havok libraries, demo source code and SDK documentation.
The demo source code gives examples of how to implement and use Havok features, so it is a very useful code resource.

A range of versions of the Havok libraries are available. and the SDK download comes with project files for Microsoft Visual Studio.
The version of each is indicated alongside the download link.
For example (2011.1.0, VS2010) indicates Havok SDK version 2011.1 with project files for Visual Studio 2010.
The content tools plugins can be installed for a range of versions of the 3d modellers, but later versions of the content tools only support later versions of the modellers.

If you're downloading for the first time we'd recommend the latest version of the SDK (latest available for Havok XS as of now is 2011.1), and you should select the version of the content tools that matches your selected version of the SDK.

You may be constrained in your choice by your current version of Visual Studio and/or 3D modeller, but you can download as many times as you like, and as many different versions as you need.

Let us know through this forum if anything's not clear, or if you have any further issues.

All the best,

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