about OMP_set_num_threads()

about OMP_set_num_threads()

I am using Intel composer XE 2011.I have some simple codes as below to test the function OMP_set_num_threads, the program freezes once entering the parallel region.

call OMP_set_num_threads(4)

!$omp parallel

print *, 'hello parallel'

!$omp end parallel

It works fine if I use clause instead.

!$omp parallel num_threads(4)

print *, 'hello parallel'

!$omp end parallel

What am I missing in using the routine OMP_set_num_threads?

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Steve - Intel Developer Support

Did you include


Are you using IMPLICIT NONE?

If you are not using IMPLICIT NONE the compiler will not report that you may have forgotten to have USE OMP_LIB to declare the proper interface for OMP_set_num_threads (which are not necessarily what the default calling sequence is).

Jim Dempsey


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