Consecutive Primes, Apprentice Problem 2, is LIVE for the Threading Challenge 2011.

Consecutive Primes, Apprentice Problem 2, is LIVE for the Threading Challenge 2011.

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Consecutive Primes, Apprentice Problem 2 for the Threading Challenge 2011 is now LIVE! We hope you will enjoy working this coding problem. Don't forget that the Intel Manycore Testing Lab will be unavailable from approximately 5:00pm, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), May 27 through 9:00am, PDT, May 31, 2011. Please plan aacordingly. Good Coding!

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I mailed for access to lab but did not get any response yet, is there any time limit or so, after which I am supposed to get the access.
As I am in INDIA(GMT + 5:30) may I wish to know the local time.
But while checking local time I could see multiple PDTs I do not know which to refer.
can you please tell what was the time in India when problem 1 finished(9 May 12:00 PM)?

this 12:00 pm refers to noon or midnight?

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Sorry to hear that your access expired. Did you get to check-in your code and test it on the lab machine?

The problem set # 1 closed on May 9 ~2pm PDT which is Pacific Time. The equivalent closure time for India would have been May 10 ~2AM in the morning.

Can you indicate if you got access now? Did you submit the lab access request form online?


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Hi Rama

it means there is exactly 12 hrs difference?

I haven't got the access yet.
I requested by email from my mail id "".

If email is not the right way, Please let me know how to go ahead to make a request to access lab.

I am using C++ to code.
where can I find the documentation regarding which tools from Intel I can use?


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I did not get any offivial reply.
would someone advice?


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Quoting hitesh.sharma I did not get any offivial reply.
would someone advice?

Email is the right way to get access to MTL. Click Here to submit a request. If you don't get a reply with 24 hours, check your spam folder or try again. Your "welcome package" will contain your password, access instructions, and documentation on available tools for C++ development.

Your timezone is GMT+5:30. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) is GMT-7:00, so the difference is 11.5 hours when crossing the Date Line. The Maze of Life problem was supposed to close at 12 noon but Rama says it stayed open until around 2pm. That was Tuesday morning at 2:30am in New Delhi.

- Rick

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If you request access via the eMail link on the Threading Challenge website, they should reply with info on how to gain access to the Manycore Testing Lab. Please check your SPAM folder and if you still don't get a reply, you can post a request on the MTL forum too.

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