How to iterate over concurrent_hash_map using accessor?

How to iterate over concurrent_hash_map using accessor?

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The concurrent operations (count, find, insert, and erase) invalidate any iterators pointing into the affected instance. It is unsafe to use these operations concurrently with any other operation.
so, I want to iterate and erase elements over concurrent_hash_map using accessor (not using iterator) How can i do that?
Hash::accessor acc;
for(Hash::iterator iter = map.begin(); iter != map.end() ; ++iter)
  map.find(acc, iter->first);
  if( ~~)
is that a thread safe? I wonder that erasing elements invalidate the iterator. Thanks.
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If erasing relatively few elements, store relevant keys into a vector, then revisit the map to erase the corresponding elements. If erasing most elements, copy selectively to new map and swap.

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