CE4100 18.26903 SDK build error

CE4100 18.26903 SDK build error

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I just installed the SDK, and when I do "make menuconfig" I got compilation error in lxdialog/dialog.h : curses.h No such file or directory.

Little poking around and figured out the build process requires ncurses-5.6, which is still tarred under package/devtools.

My expectation was it should be untarred automatically when I am doing a first time build. I tries deconfig it did not work.

Any suggestions on how to get past this?


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Dear customer,

ther Intel Embedded Software Development Tool Suite does not cover the CE Linux build environment for Intel Atom Processor CE4xxx istelf.

I will go ahead ane escalate this question of yours and get it put into the right channel.

Thanks, Rob

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