'A Maya module file could not be created in modules'

'A Maya module file could not be created in modules'

Hi. I'm having some trouble installing the Havok content tools for Maya and was wondering if anybody could help me. I think the reason for my troubles is that Maya is not actually installed on my computer - it is installed on the network at work and run from there. Havok installs ok, but I get an error : 'A Maya module file could not be created in modules', and Maya doesn't recognise my maya installation.

Having consulted the documentation (under 'loading the plugins', I should supposedly copy a file called 'HavokContentTools.txt' into my modules folder. My problem is that this file does not exist, presumably because of the error above during installation. Can anybody suggest a way around this, or post the content of 'HavokContentTools.txt' so that I can try creating a txt file in the correct folder?

I have already tried re-installing to all of the obvious directories, and created a fake maya folder structure in the correct location in an attempt to get it to work and am now completely out of ideas. I think that this txt file might solve the problem if anybody can post it up. Thanks in advance.

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Hi,When exactly do you get the error? At installation or when trying to load the plugin?Also, what do you mean by "Maya doesn't recognise my maya installation" ?-Vincent

Thanks for the reply Vincent. I get the error during installation. It goes ahead with the installation anyway, but then MAYA doesn't recognise my HAVOK installation (sorry - typo).

Well, as nobody seems to have come across this before, I ended up installing a second version of maya in the default location. I've reinstalled Havok, and my local version of Maya now runs the havok tools, so I'm able to do some tests from here. If the tests go well locally, I'm just going to have to pass it over to our tools guys and see if they can get it set up on the correct Maya installation (which is in an different location for good reasons).

Thanks to all who took the time to read my initial post though, even if there was no answer to the problem :)

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