Sandy bridge, opencl

Sandy bridge, opencl

Hi,I develop (Geneva University) blas mix/mode using blas CPU and cublas on GPU. Nevertheless I have also a similar version using blas CPU and opencl for the GPU (especially for ATI card).My question is : Intel opencl does support the gpu part inside the sandy bridge ? Can we hope have a linux support of the intel sdk ?Thus we could make the blas operation on CPU/GPU inside the same socket.Thank youTim

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Im very pleased to hear your ideas to distribute BLAS operation
across Intel platform. I see great value to use the same API to utilize all
performance features available on the compute system.

OpenCL also provides you the opportunity to use the same
context to share memory objects between devices, synch on events between
queues, compile once, etc.

This may also increase your ability to get the best of the platform,
depends on your usage.

Did you find specific portion of the code that are more suitable
the CPU or to the GPU?

As I mentioned in this forum few times in the past, I cannot
comment at this point on our plans. But
such feedback help us to understand your needs.

So please keep contribute, and we will publish as soon as a new
version of OpenCL support will be available on Intel platforms.

Regards, Arnon

Thank you for the answer, I think I do not formulate well the question.Does the OpenCl sdk works on the GPU part of Sanda Bridge ?Regard'sTim

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No, this alpha version works with CPU device only.

Could you elaborate on this a bit? Will there ever be an OpenCL driver for the GPU on Sandy Bridge chips, or is that something that will need to wait for Ivy Bridge? I'm asking, because earlier reports (such as the 8th paragraph of this article: ) indicate that it won't be possible for the GPU on Sandy Bridge to support OpenCL.

Intels policy is to not comment
or speculate on rumors or to discuss unannounced plans or products in this

Intel does support OpenCL and
continue evaluating when and where such support will intercept our hardware products.

Maybe you can't comment on rumours, but what about statements from Intel that are being quoted by tech websites? Intel seems to be confirming IGP OpenCL drivers are coming here.

Let's also not forget OpenCL. We initially asked Intel about OpenCL support at theClarkdalelaunch. The company said then it was aiming for mid-2010. As there's still no OpenCL support we asked again recently and were told:

'[Intel] will be releasing OpenCL graphics drivers to developers during the course of 2011. [Intel] continue to evaluate when and where OpenCL will intercept various products.'

Nothing new here. We are
evaluating our new technologies such as OpenCL with our NDA customers as we
always do. We will continue doing so during the course of 2011.

As an active Khronos Group
member, Intel is working closely with others in the industry, including the
developers community, to define the OpenCL standard.

Please maintain a separate non graphics dependant implementation that
can intergrate with nvidia and amd graphics cards without causing driver


Any new reports on Intel GPU support, in particular Sandy Bridge on OpenCL?

Not rumour commenting needed.

For demonstrational purposes the HD 3000 series that is on mobile devices with 12 execution units still provides nice demonstrational platform.

Kalle Launiala


Thanks, missed that, although no mention on GPU support lead to that conclusion as well.



I tried to find comparable technical solution to OpenCL; to program custom logic on Sandy Bridge shaders.

The Media SDK seems to focus on media, it wasn't implicitly clear whether it is suitable for this.

What is the proper SDK to code custom shader logic on Sandy Bridge or is there any?


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