Confuse question about Character controller

Confuse question about Character controller

In havok there has two character controller, CharacterRigidBody and CharacterProxy
And now I do a test with these two kinds of controller, and each I set a very fast speed(about 100m/s) to them.If I do some input, then I call setLinearVelocity() in the update function every frame, after the characterContext update.So I can simulator when I have input, the speed will keep at 100m/s.
I sure have set correct about the maxvelocity(20m/s) and maxaccelerator(10m/s) about the characterContext.

But here I have question, when I have no input, I found the characterRigidyBody would immediately drop speed to 20m/s at next frame, But the characterProxy would drop speed gradually to 20m/s after a few frame.

So is this the way havok do like that or I have sth wrong?And if I want characterRigidBody drop speed gradually when I suddenly remove the input, How can I do this?

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Hi,Since you have to set the linear velocity of the character rigid body yourself, you could interpolate the value down to 20m/s as soon as you have detected that there were no more input.Can you give such a setup a try?-Vincent

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