entityActivatedCallback() is not symmetrical

entityActivatedCallback() is not symmetrical

I have a quick question regarding the note written with the callback functions in hkpEntityActivationListener. What does the note mean when it says:

"Activation and Deactivation callbacks are not symmetrical..."


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Hey samaursa,

This note is just pointing out that there are certain cases where there won't be an equal number of activate/deactivate callbacks for an entity. For example, one case would be adding a body as active (no 'activate' callback... it just starts as active), having it deactivate (getting a 'deactivate' callback), and then removing it from the world (no activate/deactive callback). If you are just listening for an entity to be activated/deactivated over the course of the simulation, then these callbacks are fine, but if you're expecting these calls to always 'match' each other, then they are not guaranteed to work as might be assumed.


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