How I get The Vertices of a Simulation

How I get The Vertices of a Simulation

Hi again,
I'm Learning more about Directx and i now a little of how to render a Mesh from files and apply
effects files (*.fx), but I want to Get the vertices of a simulation of havok ( as the hkDemo.exe that converts vertices and render a object depending of vertex its for each demo ) for example if i create a wall and shot a spheres I want to get The vertices to Render its using a function as the the hkdemos
( i think that when some says me that i have to use RigidBody->GetTransform() this is used for the world matrix (D3DXMATRIX)not for use as vertices)
( I would to view the contens of a (*.Lib) --hkgDx9.lib,hkgDx9s.lib and the others hkg... )
What I have to do ??

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Hey michaelguerra,

I think the general direction you'll want to go in is looking at hkxMesh... and specifically, hkxMeshSection, which holds vertex/index buffers and material data that you can use for your own rendering. You can either use modeler-exported meshes (from the Havok Content Tools), or you can build hkGeometry objects from your actual physics shapes, and use these to create your own hkxMesh objects.


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