Cant Load Ragdoll, Old Version Problem

Cant Load Ragdoll, Old Version Problem


I'm new to Havok, just downloaded it yesterday and compiled the demos.
Now I am trying to derive code from the demo step by step that does what
I need for my applicaiton. All I want is the ragdoll functionality
since I need IK chanins on my character sometimes.

I started with the simple deme that shoots a ball against some walls and
extracted the basic setup routines. then I moved to the
RagdollScalingDemo because I figured this is the simplest Ragdoll demo
and it will allow me to extract the necessary code in a relatively easy
way. I started from the top and worked my way towards the end.

Here is my problem:

I am about to load a ragdoll hkx container. The code in the
ragdollscalingdemo.cpp file around line 80 is:

	// load ragdoll rig, create ragdoll instance
		// penetration_rig.hkx - highRes and lowRes  skeletons, ragdoll, mappers
		hkStringBuf assetFile(ASSET_RAGDOLL); 
		hkRootLevelContainer* dataContainerRig = m_loader->load( assetFile.cString() );
		HK_ASSERT2(0x27343437, dataContainerRig != HK_NULL , "Could not load data asset");

My code looks like this:

 hkRootLevelContainer* dataContainerRig = m_loader->load( "D:\Data\Programming\External\hk710r1\Demo\Demos\Resources\Animation\Ragdoll\dismemberment_ragdoll_L4101.hkx" );
HK_ASSERT2(0x27343437, dataContainerRig != HK_NULL , "Could not load data asset");

As you can see I replaced the asset file code with the simple string
becasue I won't be using the Havok resource management in my
application. I should also mention that I followed this thread: which is
where I have the initDeprecated() tip from. However, this doesnt work
for me. The thread I mentioned was referring to a 6.x version of Havok
and the 7.x version I dnloaded seems to use another file format
according to the docu.

When executing the load() call the function returns NULL and the console
contains the following error message:

Havok - Build (20091222)
Version 7.1.0 (r1)
Base system initialized.
Havok License Keys:
Physics : PcXs (expires PERPETUAL)
Animation : PcXs (expires PERPETUAL)
.\\Version\\hkVersionPatchManager.cpp(766): [0x3F79DDB1] Warning : Found
class hkx
SkinBinding of version 2, but expected version 1.
Make sure required patches are registered to update the class
hkxSkinBinding fro
m version 1 to 2,
or update the class definition with the //+version(1) annotation.
.\\Util\\hkLoader.cpp(87): [0x3BF82A57] Warning : (null)

So that's basically where I am now. It's half past 3 and I'm headed to
be :) maybe somebody can help ith this problem


PS Sorry if this is a doublepost I think I messed up the first time

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In case somebody else has the same problem: I installed the Havok tools for 3DS and reexported the scene and the new hkx file works. I'm continuing my work with that sample

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