Convex Hull generator crashes

Convex Hull generator crashes

Hi,we have integrated convex hull generation into our build pipeline. Off the couple of hundreds objects we have, two bounced back with a program crash in the convex hull generator.I stored the geometry in an hkGeometry and applied a weld to it, then stuffed it into the convex hull generator.Here is the code I used to save the file

			hkGeometry geo; // Filled with my data

			hkOArchive os("broken.dat");

			os.write32( geo.m_vertices.getSize() );

			for ( hkInt32 i=0; i< geo.m_vertices.getSize(); ++i )
				os.writeFloat32( geo.m_vertices[i](0) );
				os.writeFloat32( geo.m_vertices[i](1) );
				os.writeFloat32( geo.m_vertices[i](2) );
				os.writeFloat32( geo.m_vertices[i](3) );

			os.write32( geo.m_triangles.getSize() );

			for ( hkInt32 i=0; i< geo.m_triangles.getSize(); ++i )
				os.write32( geo.m_triangles[i].m_a );
				os.write32( geo.m_triangles[i].m_b );
				os.write32( geo.m_triangles[i].m_c );

and this is my call to the hull generator:

		hkStridedVertices sVerts;
		sVerts.m_vertices = (const hkReal*) geo.m_vertices.begin();
		sVerts.m_striding = sizeof( hkVector4 );
		sVerts.m_numVertices = geo.m_vertices.getSize();
		hkGeometryUtility::createConvexGeometry( sVerts, geoConv);

I can't debug this since it crashes deep down in the havok, around buildIndices or something.I attached the file to a second, private post.

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