Simple particle physics

Simple particle physics

Hi, we are interested in creating a metal chassis for a vehicle, but we want it to be made out of discrete points joined together unlike a single rigid body vehicle chassis. The best illustration is this game
We are considering doing something like a verlet mesh for the chassis and havok for the rest of the world.
- Does havok have something like verlet/point bodies and constraints we can use?
- If it doesn't and we did our own what problems might we have? Collisions?


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Vectrex, Simple particle physics

Hey there Vectrex

We do have a Stiff Spring constraint that might sort-of do what you want - If you've downloaded our SDK and tools, look in the manual under Havok Physics -> Havok Dynamics -> Constraints -> Constraint Types -> Stiff spring constraints. The problem is that there need to be rigid bodies for the springs to attach to - you might use a tiny sphere for each, but then you have a bunch of other issues that creep in, not least of which would be performance.

As for doing your own solution, that would mean you'd have to create your own shape class with your own collision methods. Not only would that be hugely time-consuming, but you would very likely also have to rebuild some libraries to get it to work - which you can't do with the free version of Havok.

In short: it's going to be very difficult to get your project working in Havok. Havok Physics is for rigid bodies, whereas what you are contemplating is more a particle system (Havok Destruction does handle deformable objects, but that's not available for free)

It does sound like an interesting project, though - let me know what you end up doing.


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