Question about Havok6.5.0 and Override memory alloc

Question about Havok6.5.0 and Override memory alloc

Hi, I have a question This how can get Havok6.5.0 Lib for VS2005.
Other problem in i used havok6.0 lib. In mycode, Ioverride new and delete toallocated memory to be 4-byte aligned. when i used multithread of havok physics ( call stepMultiThreaded used hkPoolMemory), program be crash at a random time . But its fine in used single threaded ( call stepDeltaTime ). how can i make my code fine on multithread.
The last question is form my friend why Havok allocated memory to be 16-byte aligned.

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Hi wushicl,

What kind of crashes are you getting when do this? Are they asserts or are they just general crashes? Why are you trying to set things to 4-byte aligned? What is your use-case? It's hard for me to say whhy it is crashing without a little more info.

In terms of why memory allocations are made 16-byte aligned, there are lots of reasons. Some architectures require 16-byte alignment, some architectures just work faster with 16-byte alignment, you need alignment in order to do some intrinsic operations, etc. There are lots of reasons for having 16-byte alignment.


Developer Support Engineer Havok

Hi Sean:
Thanks for your reply.I think my crashing reason by this. I overrides new/delete. The memory alloc not use hkThreadMemory's function. so it crashed in multitread at free memory or other things. I try to use hkAllocate function alloc physic item's this hkAllocate( 1, HK_MEMORY_CLASS_BASE ) But this time other trouble with me. how to call hkpRigidBody's constructor or other way initialization it.
My machine can't connect i just description my questions. so sorry.
Thanks for your answer.

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